The Year of 2012

Just a few more months and it will be 2012 December 21st. A lot of people are interested in this date. But what will really happen? Will something happen at all? The White Brotherhood has given us many interesting and clear answers about the year 2012. Hereby a selection.

From the session of January 21, 1998

Will the Great transition take place before the year 2012 as indicated by the Maya calendar?
"As we have stated before, there is in fact no exact date of a great transition or climax in the rotation. In fact, the rotation has been in progress for a long time and you are contributing to it by making use of the cosmic radiation. The transition will continue developing, step by step, until it will gradually decline and the number of calamities will decrease again. A date or a year is not sufficient to indicate a climax in the rotation. Calculated in your years, it will at least take more than fifty years, which means that it is impossible to indicate a distinct climax within those fifty years. All this also depends on how human beings will behave during the time of the great changes which are already in progress and those that are still to come. In other words, how does one treat the environment, how does one treat each other, which choices does one still make, how much consciousness can be sowed? How great is the possibility that the consciousness of conscious human beings will be used to actually provide insight to less conscious human beings as well, which would slow down the Earth's demise and facilitate the rise of the new age for mankind and for the souls that are in incarnation at that time".


From the session of December 15, 1998
Could you tell us what the meaning of the Maya calendar is and why it ends in 2012, having served man so well for many years and containing so much wisdom?
"In a certain sense, and you will understand this, time that man has made will not end in 2012. Yet the high priests of the Mayan culture received their information about the development of the people, of the country, of the composition as it was and is at the moment only for the time up to and including 2012. There was no information about the time following this date, this year. The high priests did not receive any insight and that is why they have not let the calendar run any further than that year, which does not mean that after 2012 there will in fact not be any years, yet they will go by in a different way. Other divisions of time will be used to restructure the changes of the earth in a plausible way, which means that even for the Mayas it was not important to already provide information about the time after 2012 at that time and therefore it was not important for the country and the continent either."

From the session of February 19, 2001 

We like to work with the book The Divine Triangle and Numerology which is about numerology, astrology and the tarot. With these calculations we take the number 20 for the year 2000, the book ends at 78/6. This number can be obtained by adding 31/12/2015. Is it true that our way of calculating years, which, according to the Mayas would end in 2012, actually ends in 2015?
"In that sense the numerological system has a similar system as the Mayas, as the astrological system. In fact, everything fits in the systems of numerology and frequency and it is true that, at some moment, when the numbers end, you will enter a new cycle in which a new system will be taught. When you and anyone else are no longer able to add the numbers to arrive at a calculation, when no system fits any longer, then you can logically assume, and we can even confirm this, that it is no longer possible to calculate in this way. Just like the bible has a frequency and is a numerological system, just like your computers are a numerological system, just like everything is frequency and vibration, so too the tarot is a numerological system, a system entering a new cycle and a system that can no longer be calculated and simplified."


From the session of Augustus 6, 2001
The Mayas, and before them the Izapan civilization, were familiar with precession. Based on this they developed the so-called Long Count Calendar. Thousands of years ago they knew that this calendar with a total duration of 26,000 years was to end on December 23, 2012. The moment of a very unique solstice. The Winter solstice of the sun is then exactly aligned with the center, the black hole, de womb of our Milky Way. In the Maya culture this means the end but also the beginning of a cycle of 26,000 years. This period seems to correspond with a world era, in particular the Pisces age. Is this assumption correct and, if so, is there a clear transition towards the Aquarius age on the date mentioned is this transition noticeable in some form or another?

"In fact the Aquarius age cannot be said to begin on one particular date. Gradually, the Pisces age is shifting to the Aquarius age, just like fall gradually shifts to winter. When seasons blend into one another, there is an exact date for that, yet the seasons will shift slowly, noticeably and palpably. That is also how it is with the great ages from the Pisces age to the Aquarius age. The Mayas, and certainly the cradle of their culture, had this knowledge because they had discovered and received something from their elder brothers, beings of light so to speak, with whom they were in contact.

That the earth orbits in large circles in the universe, that the sun and the stars do not revolve around the earth, but that the earth follows a particular trajectory through the universe, by assuming this and by possessing this knowledge, they were able to make exact calculations. At the time they were already aware of the tilting and staggering of the earth's axis. Obviously it is true that within a certain period of time, which to you, is not very long, the earth will enter an important new phase, in which a screwing movement of the tilted earth axis will push you down further. The earth will change its weight distribution, so to speak, which causes the poles to move. If you retain your place in the country in which you now live, the sun will rise and go under in a different place, which means that the temperature differences will be even greater than you know them to be now. 
The climatic changes will be enormous; in fact the earth will be shaken. Seas will disappear and lands will emerge, in effect, the whole earth will undergo a metamorphosis. Yet all of that will not happen in one day. It will not be so that all of this will happen exactly on the date calculated by the Mayas. Yet what is of real importance is that from that moment on the energies will be noticeably stronger for mankind than ever before. Many, many people will respond to the force and strong influences of Aquarius in their lives. Even much stronger than what is felt at this moment. And many, many people, thousands already feel how strongly Aquarius is affecting them. And you may know that this is only a fraction of what is to come. That your predictive dreams, your feelings, your healing powers, your out-of-body experiences will be hundredfold of that which you feel and notice presently. Spirituality, your experience with forces, with light beings will be so enormous, much, much stronger than what you can imagine at the moment.
That is why there cannot be an exact date, yet these kinds of calculations do confirm that a completely new age will start for mankind and for the earth and that these great shifts signify great changes for mankind, for the whole earth and, in fact, for everything surrounding the earth, because, as you know, the earth is not alone in the universe, in the cosmos. With all its planetary connections, with all its connections ethereal in nature, which you cannot observe directly, all these influences will undergo enormous changes and, in this way, they will also have their reflection on mankind."

From the session of October 20, 2002
According to certain spirit guides and predictions of the Maya calendar, which speaks of 2012, the rotation will take place much faster as a result of great imbalance. This can take place suddenly by way of floods, shifts in tectonic plates, as you have already told us as well, but what will the help which the survivors will require look like?
"Man will be confronted with great earth changes, yet all of this will not happen overnight. Everything will be slow in nature and take many years in which the earth's axis will shift further and further. There will be floods, there will be shifts in the earth's mass, yet man will always try to adjust to this quickly changing earth. Those who know that all this is coming, those who know that all of this is necessary to create a totally new earth form, in fact, will be thrown back on their own resources. It might seem primitive to many, however, but man will return to the ancient principles of survival and from there build a better earth with better opportunities. All that which man is accustomed to at this moment in regard of the development of technological abundance will no longer be. Man will be thrown back on his own resources and survival, yet he will be better attuned. The moment the Aquarius energy is making its full entrance, man will be more intuitive, more sensitive, will have intuitive knowledge and will respond better to his environment. Man will not be in fear, yet he will know that all of this necessary for the creation of a more harmonious earth, in harmony with the earth and each other.

However, all of this will not take place for many years to come. You will see that the shifts of the earth and the earth's climate, but also the development of mankind will go slowly. From your perspective it seems to go slowly, from a cosmic perspective your development is accelerating enormously, however, as human beings you cannot perceive this. In a certain sense mankind will be glad when these times have been lived through. Enormous karmic redemption and changes for mankind will take place during the transition from one age to the other."

From the session of December 29, 2004
You told us once that the tilting of the earth's axis started in 1798. According to the Mayas, the tilting of the earth's axis in 2012 will be accompanied by changes of the cycles so that our measurement of time is no longer correct. Is it indeed correct that until that moment in 2012 the cycles as we use them in our time units do not change but that this is suddenly the case in 2012?
"The calculations can be compared to the calendar dates of certain days which you call spring or fall and in terms of calculations, this will certainly be exact. However, the weather, the climate might behave differently and that goes for the calendar date which you mention. The earth and mankind have long started their rotation and transformation. For centuries we have been working on inspiration and renewal. That is why mankind has discovered so many renewing possibilities in the fields of medicine and technology. If you look back in time then it might seem as though mankind has stood still for centuries with the only invention being the art of printing. After 1800, suddenly a world of technology was discovered, innovation after innovation was created as a result of which mankind entered the twentieth century as the century of technology with unprecedented possibilities brought about by worldwide industrialization, by powers which mankind suddenly acquired, by knowledge and science.
It seemed like mankind was endowed with a new intelligence, yet all of this has to do with the influx of intuitive knowledge on which all science is based. Obviously not all inventions can directly be called positive for the earth or mankind. This process is caused by man's enormous urge to develop himself in material ways with regard to how he looks at things, with regard to being able to travel independent of gravity et cetera.