Ascended Masters

The ascended Masters were once human beings who preceded us.

They have lived on earth and, after a number of incarnations, which were on a spiritually highly developed level and from which they eventually were able to ascend. They are now light beings which are capable to radiate their consciousness to us and to free themselves of the material world. They are capable to change themselves and the world by inspiring us and performing miracles.

The Masters no longer have to incarnate on earth to acquire further development. They have achieved a development in which there are no limitations and where there is no form and time, no sound and no colors. This level is the dimension of total consciousness and is called the Shamballa of the ascended level.

These "Masters" are not our Masters, but Masters of the path. They are united in their light and their energy and exist in the collective consciousness. The Masters have cast off their character and personality; they are now consciousness and white light, surrounded by the emanation of facets of a brilliant. These facets of the brilliant each represent a small part of a life once lived. Through these windows, the Masters receive experience and knowledge and they send their collective consciousness to earth, so that it can be received through trance and/or channel mediums and people can be informed on their path of development.

Ascended Master Incarnations
El Morya
(Ascended 1898)

(originally from Mercury)

Chohan of the 1st Ray

Abraham, founder of the 12 tribes

Melchior, one of the three Kings who came to the birth of Jesus Christ

King Arthur (5th/6th century)

Thomas Becket (ca. 1117 - 1170 A.D.), Martyr, turned against King Henry II because of conscientious objections

Jacques de Molay, (tot 1314), last Grand Master of the Knight Templars who was burned at the stake (from: "El Morya: Was Ihr sät, das erntet Ihr" by Claire Avalon)

Thomas More (1478 - 1534), Martyr, turned against King Henry VIII because of principles

Akbar (1556 - 1605), Indian Great Mogul, greatest ruler of Islamic India, founded a monotheistic religion, which was not able to maintain itself

Thomas Moore (1779 - 1852), English poet of Irish origin

El Morya Khan, Indian prince, Radjut, India (from: "Die Gegenwart der Meister" by Jeanne Ruland)

Chohan of the 2nd Ray

(light blue)
High priest in the temple of "the Divine Mother" on the continent Atlantis
some embodiments in Atlantis and the last phase before the downfall of the knowledge of the flame of victory and wisdom, with many other high priests and Masters in the new world

Ruler in China at the time of Confucius (ca. 551 - 479 A.D.)

Tibetan Monk (from: "Die Gegenwart der Meister" by Jeanne Ruland)

2nd Ray

(light blue)
K´ung-fu-tzu, called Confucius, 551 - 478 A.D., in China

Djwal Khul
(Ascended 1875)

2nd Ray
(light blue)
Caspar, one of the initiated Kings, who was present during the birth of Jesus Chris

Djwal Khul (last incarnation)

(Ascended 1889)

2nd Ray

(light blue)
Thutmose III (1503 - 1450 A.D.), Prophet of the Pharaohs, who served Amen Ra (sun god)

Pythagoras (582 - 498 A.D.), greatest philosopher of Greece and the father of mathematics

Balthazar, one of the initiated kings present at the birth of Jesus Christ

Holy Francis of Assisi (1182 - 1226), Italy

Shah Jahan (1592 - 1666), had the Taj Mahal in Agra build in 1631

Kut Humi Lal Singh

Paolo Veronese
(Ascended 1588)

Chohan of the 3e Ray

Head of state for cultural affairs in Atlantis, served as an inspiration for many people

Master of the esoteric architecture in Egypt, expressed Beauty through symmetrics in the Egyptian structures, everything was thought out and had a deeper meaning

Paolo Veronese (1528 - 1588), painter in Italy, also referred to as Paul the Venetian, called himself Paolo Caliari

Lady Rowena
(Ascended 1879)

3e Ray

Priestess in Atlantis, in the temple of freedom and love

Jeanne d'Arc (1412 - 1431), Virgin of Orleans, was burned at the stake

Maria Stuart (1542 - 1587), Catholic Queen of Scotland, was beheaded

Marie Antoinette (1755 - 1793), Queen of France and wife of King Louis XVI., was beheaded

Bernadette Sourbirous (1844 - 1879), the holy Bernadette of Lourdes

Group soul of: Rosa of Luxemburg, Anne Frank, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana

Serapis Bey
(Ascended around 400 A.D.)

Chohan of the 4th Ray

(crystal white)
Atlantic High priest (11.500 A.D.)

Pharaoh Amenhotep III (1417 - 1379 A.D.)

Leonidas, King of Sparta (ca. 480 A.D.)

One of the builders who has planned and build the Temple of Pallas Athens and the Parthenon on the Acropolis

4th Ray

(crystal white)
Jesus Christ
(Ascended around 371 B.C.)

Chohan of the 5th Ray

Paulus of Tarsus

Apostle Paul

Hl. Hilarion (ca. 300 - 371 B.C.), Cyprus, hermit and Healer from Palestine

Lady Maria
5th Ray

in Lemuria

in Atlantis in the Temple of "listening mercy"

Maria, Mother of Jesus

Lady Nada
Chohan of the 6th Ray

(ruby red-gold)
Temple dancer in Atlantis

Maria Magdalena during Jesus' time

Clara von Assisi

Scholastika (sister of the holy Benedictus)

Group soul of Theresa of Avila and Hildegard von Bingen

Saint Germain
Chohan of the 7th Ray

Ruler in the so-called golden age (when the Martians were mining for gold on earth) in the area now called the Sahara 70.000 years ago

Atlantic High priest (Temple of purity, Order of Master Zadkiel) (over 11.500 years ago)

the Hebrew Prophet Samuel (1100 A.D.)

Josef of Nazareth

Saint Alban (300 B.C.) (in current St. Albans, Herefordshire, England)

Teacher of Proclus (ca. 410/11 - 485), in Athens, founded Platon Academy, dedicated himself to the understanding of philosophy, astronomy, mathematics and grammar

Merlyn (5e/6e/ century), advisor to King Arthur

Roger Bacon (1211/14 - 1294), English philosopher and scientist

Christian Rosicrucians - Founder of the order of the Rosicrusians (about 1378 - 1484)

Christopher Columbus (1451 - 1506), Genua, Italy

Paracelsus, Swiss Chemist, Physicist and Theologian

Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626), England, Alchemist, philosopher and author, worked under the name Shakespeare, biologic son of Queen Elisabeth

Count of Saint Germain (28-05- 1696 - 1822), (actually Prince Leopold Georg), called himself Sanctus Germanus (holy Brother) other names; Count Bellamare (Venice), Count Schevening (Pisa), Weldone (Leipzig), Rakoczy (Dresden)

Lady Kuan Yin
7th Ray

Daughter of the royal Family of the Elements Water in Atlantis (her 3rd incarnation)

Inhabitant of one of the Temples in Egypt dedicated to Isis

Daughter of an Emperor in China

Lady Portia
(Ascended 5th/6th century)

7th Ray

Lemurian Priestess in a temple of the great goddess

in Australian Outback in unity with Mother Nature

Priestess of the sea goddess in Iceland

in Ireland

in Scotland

Morgaine La Faye (sister of Merlyn (5th/6th century), in Albion (Great Britain)

Wottana, wife of a Sioux chief

Maha Chohan
Maha Chohan is a function executed by an ascended Master for a certain amount of time. Each age, each shift in a culture, each rise and downfall of a culture is assisted by another Master. The Maha Chohan is the assistant and inspiration for the seven Rays, which are strengthened by its being. The ascended Master, which executes this function, inspires and conforms to the time quality of the moment.

At this moment Paolo Veronese, the Venetian Master, is the Maha Chohan.

Chohane (directors) of the 7 rays:


El Morya
Paolo Veronese
Serapis Bey
Lady Nada
Saint Germain



Common incarnations of some of the ascended Masters:
Lady Maria
Lady Portia
Atlantis 2nd phase
(after the destruction of the 2nd moon)
Paolo Veronese
Lady Rowena
Serapis Bey
Lady Maria
Lady Nada
Saint Germain
Lady Kuan Yin
about 500 A.D.
Ruler in China (Lanto)
Around the Birth of Christ
the holy 3 Kings: Kaspar (Djwal Khul)
Balthazar (Kuthumi)
Melchior (El Morya)
Mother Maria (Maria)
Joseph of Nazareth (Saint Germain)
Jesus (Sananda)
Maria Magdalena (Lady Nada)
In the 5th/6th century
King Arthur (El Morya)