Atlantis, civilization and Downfall

Atlantis speaks to the imagination of many, but is for others no more than a fairy tale. Yet originally Atlantis was an enormous continent and knew a very high civilization. The technological development was at a much higher level than ours. The Atlanteans stood in direct contact with the spiritual hierarchies in the Cosmos. Levitation, materialization and dematerialization were quite common. This finally provides a plausible explanation for the building method of the pyramids in, among others, Egypt. These buildings are legacies of the Atlantean age and are much older than presumed. The Egyptians 'claim' the construction of these special buildings, but they already existed 10,500 years before Christ and have been realized by the Atlanteans.

The Atlantean man was, apart from some exceptions, an emotionless being who stood in contact with the fallen angels as well. The fallen angels, who could connect themselves to the physical man, have tried, by means of this man, to create a being without free will that they could model according to their own judgment. Both in the human world, as well as the animal and plant world, genetic manipulations were being performed whereby deformed creatures came into existence that had no right to exist. For them the path of incarnation and reincarnation wasn't possible. The fallen angels can no longer falsely experiment because they can't manifest themselves any longer in a physical body in our time. Many people who are in incarnation now have lived in Atlantis and are now trying to do the same as they did in the time of Atlantis, then ethereal, now physical. Think about the power of thought and telepathy versus the current wireless communication and genetic manipulation. Adolph Hitler tried to create a super race and wanted to continue the work in the Atlantean period that way. Genetic manipulation, like cloning, still exists. For generating energy and contact with the forces in the Cosmos, the Atlanteans built large generating stations, among others, in the form of pyramids that served as beacons for space travelers from the Cosmos. We still find working remnants of these generating stations at the bottom of the ocean, located in the Bermuda triangle which are still active. The story about these is well known. Planes and ships disappear into nothingness when they come into the force fields of the sea pyramids below and reach a unity with the frequency that is sent out by this generating station. These vehicles dematerialize, dissolve, but originally this was not the intention. This phenomenon came into being by natural circumstances, namely as result of the changes of the force fields of the earth by the shift of the poles.

At the time of Atlantis, the earth had two moons and there was no ebb and flood. When there was a threat of a meteorite crash, one has tried by the use of a form of nuclear fusion to change the course of the meteorite. This failed, the meteorite impacted anyway and one of the moons was destroyed. The equilibrium was disturbed; ebb and flood were the result. The enormous continent changed into several larger islands and later into smaller islands. This meteorite impact and the falsely use of technology, whereby the forces of nature turned themselves against man, were the beginning of the demise of Atlantis. Different kinds of animals became extinct en masse, which is often incorrectly dated millions of years ago by scientists. However, we speak of only 25,000 years ago.

The flood was a fact and with that the great rotation. Because of the rotation, mankind has eventually become what it is, mankind with feeling, with emotions, but also with intellect, and mankind is more of a conglomerate from all that once was in Atlantis. 

The current earth and mankind experience a rotation again. There is a search for balance again because all that is harmed wants to come into harmony again. Man and the earth are Cosmos, and a small cosmic change brings everything in motion. How man of free will experiences and works out these impulses, deals with this, whether he takes responsibilities in this or not, is up to man himself and he creates thereby ever more movement and chooses acceleration or delay of that process. After the next rotation, the fallen angels will no longer be able to connect themselves to mankind. Only in the higher dimensions will battles still taking place between Light and shadow, a battle between angels and angels.

From the session of September 29, 1986

There is a book with the name 'Dzyan.' This is supposed to be a very old esoteric book that would have originally come from the east, from old times. Could you tell us something more about that?

"Indirectly it has to do with knowledge from Atlantis. The Atlanteans have brought forth and written down this knowledge. Much of this knowledge is documented in enormous rocks."

"This knowledge is preserved in caves and has been chiseled in certain blue stones. It is chiseled in lapis lazuli. This book is not a complete whole of this knowledge"

Could we make a contribution by bringing this knowledge to the surface in this time?

"There is already being worked on this in another line. This is not something that is your mission or one of yours."

From the session of February 9, 1987

We have a question of one of the people of the circle. With the pronunciation of his name you know, we hope, who is meant and what his spirit occupies himself with. Here comes the question. Which facets of his ideas regarding gravity and the potential influence are correct?

"The ideas of this person are rooted in the dematerialization of Atlantis. It is old knowledge, which this person wants to use again in this age. The age is not ripe for that. Let him wait till the new age, and then his visions, his ideas about this method can be fulfilled. One could say that he is ahead of his time and yet again not. He takes up old teachings, old events and is connected to his higher consciousness in which this knowledge is present."

From the session of June 3, 1987

Recently, in response to a question of one of the people, an explanation was given for the mystery of the Bermuda-Triangle. Was that vision correct?

"This vision is partly correct. The generation stations that once worked in Atlantis to generate energy, to load, and via which the connection to the Cosmos was established, were points of recognition for space travelers from the Cosmos to come in on Atlantis. These generating stations generated frequencies to which certain forces could connect themselves to transform towards the earth. These generating stations still work. By mechanical expressions, by expressions of frequency by a plane, boat or other mode of transportation, one can achieve a unity with the frequency that is being sent out by these generating stations. The generating stations dematerialize immediately that which sends this frequency. That way matter disappears, matter dissolves."

From the session of May 12, 1990

With reference to the subject of the Bermuda Triangle from the session of June 3, 1987, there was spoken of a pyramid-like construction that functioned as a generating station. What is the shape of this construction and what is the angle with respect to the surface?

"The surface is square and has forty-five degrees."

What is the difference with the pyramid of Cheops?

"The pyramids operate by the location with respect to the direction of the meridians of the earth and the position of the poles. The difference that needs to be noticed lies solely in the fact that then the force fields of the earth had another area than is the case now. The poles have shifted to such an extent that it can't be compared. Thereby this generating station has shifted to such an extent, electrical as well as magnetic and ethereal, that it could lead to dematerializations."

Was the original meaning to never create a force field of dematerialization and has this been formed by natural circumstances?

"Your conclusion is correct."

Was the pyramid of Cheops used as a sort of generating station as well?

"Unconsciously, without knowing, the kings of Egypt have obeyed the call of the high priests who came from the Atlantean age, to build a generating station whereby the high priests would be able to build up and maintain contact with the forces from the universe.

The unconscious forms of building method have led to a few small mistakes; nevertheless the generating station works almost perfectly.

The forces that are attracted from cosmic as well as earthly and akasha energies, ensure a good energy field for the properly initiated to work on inner and outer growth in knowledge and balance in the individual himself or herself or in his or her environment."

There are also three-sided pyramids, could you say something about this?

"All pyramids have the goal to break the force fields that stream around the earth, to reflect and generate to a new form of power. Each expert calculation gives another force field, sometimes not and sometimes well measurable for man.

Man causes deformed energy forms by experiments that cause disturbance in the Cosmos. We try to, for as far as it lies within our possibilities, to inhibit this, yet each form that works as a strengthener of the earth meridians in energy form, has a certain effect on the energy field of both the earth as well as man. It can attract or repel solely by phenomena of nature according to how the energy fields work. Man is not always aware of what he or she is causing by this action. It is very important in which mathematical formula a pyramid is set up. It will take too long to give total insight into this in this session."

These days forms of pyramids are rebuild by people because one wants to distill certain powers from there. Is it a good thing to perform this experiment or should we have objections against it?

"Man should always be aware that he or she works with forces of nature. One needs to use these forces of nature in the right harmonious form without causing them any damage. In case damage is done unconsciously this doesn't cause karma or little. However, if one experiments with energy fields and force fields consciously this is under the own responsibility and it will influence the karma of this person. Man is not always conscious of what he or she causes in regard to nature, because very large force shifts can occur because of experiments, such as those with pyramid forms."

From the session of January 11, 1991

There is spoken of the existence of a legendary island in ethereal form with the name 'Avalon' which would be located in the neighborhood of the British Empire. Is that correct?

"The name Avalon is from long gone times, times in which the Atlantean Empire still existed. It is a remainder of knowledge that people in different mystery schools have passed on and what now has become the fable island in ethereal form Avalon. This island does not exist in ethereal form. Once there was a part of Atlantis that was called Avalon. This name is passed on throughout the centuries. We know this name. We know the concept, yet it is no longer present in existence, except in the akasha cronicle. Hereby is meant that this name is still present in ethereal form."

From the session of April 7, 1993

In the bible and in other religious writings as well, the flood takes a central place. It would punish the earth and the people for their sins and solely the Ark would contain the germ of the divine creation. Is this depiction of destruction and cleansing historic or allegoric?

"The flood is not allegoric, yet is factual. The flood is a description of the demise of Atlantis, calculated in your years, about 25,000 years ago. The meaning and description of the Arc of Noah you may see as allegoric, in any case, symbolically. The Ark of Noah has in fact never existed. However, the flight to the new mainland of different kind of animal species and different people who were initiated by the higher Divine has been a fact. You probably know of the examples of Edgar Cayce and others and all the information that we have already passed on. The old, true Egyptians were the Atlanteans, the old druids in, for example, England and Norway were the Atlanteans. The different animal species have become extinct en mass at the time of the demise of Atlantis. All this is often dated incorrectly at millions of years ago in your calculation of time, yet this is solely 25,000 years ago. It is true that there were disasters before that were worldwide in which animal and people species disappeared en mass as well, and of this too, one can find certain remnants on earth and one can date these earlier. In any case, in very early times, big disasters took place and those have influenced the world in different ways. Atlantis as a continent has also sunken in separate parts, whereby at the same time, in other places, different continents came to be. The transition of the old land to the new land has happened in separate phases."

At a certain point, probably as a result of the destruction of the temple, but possibly also in connection with the coming of Christ, the Ark (of the Covenant) is no longer mentioned in the books. Why is that?

"You have in your questioning already disconnected the flood and the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark is intended in the sense of the tradition of the old age to the new age. The possibilities man has in the new age, stripped of the old energy, which was brought before the flood, before the demise of Atlantis, are the new possibilities of the earth in regard to the Cosmos and the universe. In the old energy, manipulations and mutations occurred. The divine energy, but the spiritual energy and the energy from the different negative orders too, have manipulated that what you now call man, different animal species and energy- and force fields of the earth. After the demise of Atlantis, this possibility of manipulation did and does no longer exist, also because the energy balance of the earth had changed. In the bible and in many other holy writings one can find this as well. Many writings and sages make mention of a great rotation and something similar awaits man now."

The ten commandments that were stored in the Ark, have disappeared with the Ark in a palpable sense. Is this an indication as well that the then held traditional relation to the Divine, the so called Old Covenant, was transposed in a New Covenant in the heart of man himself and in the Light of the second-ray?

"Definitely the Covenant of mankind is with the Cosmos, therein with the incarnation and reincarnation program as you know that now, the New Covenant. In the time before the demise of Atlantis, in the old connection, man was less physical than is the case now, and he had greater possibilities to communicate with the Cosmos and the higher spiritual energy, but with the brothers of evil as well. All spiritual beings were able to manifest themselves in flesh and blood. These possibilities have now totally vanished. In that time, incarnation and reincarnation wasn't really necessary because if one wanted one could travel spiritually free and very consciously and could make use of the physical body on earth as desired. Additionally, there were many physical creatures that somewhat resembled the image of man of now, yet were not the same. The true man still had to be created and has, only after the new connection of the earth with the Cosmos, gotten its foundation in the New Covenant. The definite demise of Atlantis was the dividing line between the Old and the New Covenant. In the Old Covenant, man stood in contact with the Cosmos and he was for a large part cosmic and for another part, very animalistic. For the New Covenant holds that each person was equal and all laws were equal for each man in regard to the Cosmos and mankind. Many people, originally in the angel realm, are incarnated via the New Covenant and among you. In general, this means that this is actually the way back to, to keep with the bible, the House of the Father."

From the session of June 9, 1993

The city Mohendsjodaro in India seems to have been destroyed in antiquity by an enormous explosion. One would almost think of a nuclear destruction because hard objects in melted form have been found. What has really happened and, if indeed such an explosion was summoned, why has the knowledge and capability, as far as that is concerned, been lost since then?

"The technology that was reached in Atlantis was further than your current technology. The use of knowledge, structures and connection, the cosmic energies, the higher dimensions and frequencies that your scientists can't measure at this moment, were then common property. Because of the false use of this technology in particular, Atlantis has gone under and that coincided with a great rotation at the time. This awaits the earth now as well. Often, and it will stay this way some time, technology is materially focused and made directly reachable and measurable for you people. Atlantis had developed the technology to heighten frequencies. Hereby one could connect the physical forms with the cosmic frequency and could one work from there. The forces that served the cosmic law were used in cohesion with the technology. One has ever more chosen the path to abuse these forces and has thereby turned the forces of nature against oneself. This energy has eventually led to a great program of destruction that one has called upon oneself."

From the session of February 8, 1995

Before our medium went into trance, he saw a few special images, like an Aztec temple and suns with face forms, a shield and also intelligences that weren't around and behind people present, but through them. Could you tell us what the meaning is of these images?

"Different people who are present in this space are incarnated from Atlantis, the age long gone, into the current time and there is a certain group-wise karma being resolved in your current group. We know that tonight information will be passed on to the ones present, that will make it clear to them why they have come together this way and whereby they, in unity of spiritual being, have merged together. The information has to do with the old connections from Atlantis, regarding the end phase of the age in which a whole continent went under. This information gives clarity about their current incarnation, their possibilities and the connections to each other and in the group.

The intelligences that are connected to this have the energy and the possibility to function in another dimension, whereby these forces are able to work through the matter. We can manifest ourselves around the matter, but these intelligences that can manifest their selves in the matter come from another dimension. It seems to you, regarding manifestations of force fields that you can't perceive anyway, that it apparently makes little difference, yet the possibilities lie in the cosmic regularities, which are of less importance to you."

From the session of May 10, 1995

What is the cause and meaning that our own archeology can find so little, or better said, nothing at all, of old civilizations that reached the same height as we in our civilization have gained?

"In a certain sense the line of questioning is not correct. Archaeologists have already found manifestations of very old and highly developed civilizations on many places on earth, yet perceived from their current civilization, they can't explain these and contribute them to forces of nature of a bizarre form. This means that these archaeologists are in fact not able to oversee the reach of human civilizations because they relate everything to the current forms of appearance of man and the current technological possibilities. They are in error.

If one finds great manifestations on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, pyramid-shaped buildings, streets and buildings and contributes these to freaks of nature, if one finds caves that have been cut out straight as an arrow in the depth of the earth over a length of many kilometers by possibilities that one does not know on earth and contributes those to freaks of nature, then one can conclude that the archaeology is in error."

From the session of January 5, 1997

Where are the crystal skulls from that have been found some time ago? Who made them, why and how have they been shaped that way?

"They are old energy carriers from the time of the demise of Atlantis in the transition to the next age. They have been used for study, but also to store information, information from a time that lies behind you. The skulls will give up their information, but can't be read with the current technology. Solely people who are mediumistic will, on a higher level, be able to get the information out of these skulls. They get visions from long gone times, from the time of the demise of Atlantis, from the transition period as you now know them in South America and have to do with different people that have lived in this transition period and have developed themselves. The information that was important for them has been stored in the skulls and these release their information solely to people that are very mediumistic. The technology that these skulls have been fabricated with rests on a spiritual basis. They are not made with aids of a technical nature, but in fact are formed with energy of materialization and dematerialization."

From the session of June 16, 1998

It has been stated that Lemuria has gone under in fire 50,000 years ago by self-love and immorality. Atlantis is supposed to have gone under 25,000 years ago by water as a result of too much willfulness and abuse of knowledge as power. Is that true?

"Lemuria, an enormous continent, with a lot less water than is the case at the moment, knew a development of man-like beings in gaseous appearance. The manifestation in matter was not as strong as you know it in this time. The beings had a direct connection with the Cosmos and could travel between heaven and earth so to say. One can't simply speak of immorality, hard-heartedness. It is true however that in that time, just like now, there were constant climatologically changes and earth movements. The earth did not yet have the form as you know it now and the animal world and plant world had other appearances and forms than you know now. The beings condensed themselves at the end of the Lemurian age whereby the choices and the ambiguity in mankind increased. Because of these changes, the contradictions in mankind increased, by the changes of the male and female principle. Because of this, struggles started that coincided with the enormous comet impact, which changed the earth completely. Only a few people went on to a next age.

Because of its wild abuse of power, Atlantis has indeed polluted the energy field of the continent with all that is in it to such an extent that, just as in the current age, the transformation on the cosmic and earthly level was needed. You are now confronted with this as well. Obviously these elements coincide because the earth, mankind and all that is, has a radiation, has an energy field, which is saved, regarding information and energy, in the akasha as a neutral fact. The impressions can be polluted to such an extent, as is the case in the current time, that the earth can and will shake it off itself. Transformation and renewal of the energy fields of the earth and the connection towards the Cosmos will then have become necessary."