Welcome to the Esoteric Society

In 1985, an initially small esoteric focused group that eventually called itself Esoteric Society of the Circle of the Connected was founded in the Netherlands. This society, nowadays simply called the Esoteric Society, focuses its work on the information transmitted by trance session, via the medium Daan Akkerman. The emphasis of the information is on the new age, the Aquarius age.

This information comes from the collective of the masters of the White Brotherhood. This collective resides in the Cosmos. The masters have completed the path of incarnation and reincarnation and have made it their goal to inspire humanity intuitively and to accompany her in the transition from the Pisces age to the Aquarius age.

White, in this context, has nothing to do with race or skin color. White stands for White Light, the Light in which all colors of the spectrum are represented. White Light flows through and surrounds all physical and non-physical matters. Brotherhood says nothing about the gender of the masters; they are not man or woman. Brotherhood symbolizes the unity, the equality, and the mutual focus.

The trance sessions start with 'The Great Invocation' followed by an elaborate meditation. The Great Invocation, originally transmitted from the Cosmos via Alice A. Bailey in English, has been translated in Dutch and is, under the guidance of the White Brotherhood, changed in such a way that this better fits the new energy of the Aquarius age. You could consider The Great Invocation a prayer with the purpose of the session group establishing an energetic attuning to the spiritual world.

After the reciting of The Great Invocation follows an elaborate meditation whereby collectively a pillar of Light is visualized to reach a connection with the hierarchies. Next a dome of Light is constructed to protect this connection against negative influences from the brothers of the shadow. The brothers of the shadow shun the pure white Light and do not want man to develop spiritually, but want man to stay chained to earthly things, such as, matter, hate and fear.

Before Daan Akkerman goes into a trance, he describes what he sees with his third eye (the sixth charka, or forehead charka) regarding energies and entities in the constructed light connection. Via the fifth charka (throat charka) a connection is eventually made and that is when the trance is a fact. Who better to describe it then Daan. He says:

"The first coincidental trance was in 1985, after I had applied psychometrics to some antique religious paintings. The first trance happened unprepared, although I think that there was some sort of spiritual preparation. But we did not know that then.

Because more and more trance sessions were being held, I increasingly felt a need for a preparation and some meditation, at least an attuning to the White Brotherhood, the light beings and the masters. The trance sessions are prepared by the White Brotherhood for weeks and sometimes months ahead of time and the masters, as appears from the answers, are already present at the preparation of the questions. We too prepare ourselves for the trance session to be held. On our regular session address the hostess does a cleansing ceremony and I prepare myself, about an hour beforehand, by visualizing the space and putting it in the Light.

The session starts with the Great Call, followed by a meditation, whereby, at the end, as mentioned, a pillar of Light is formed by letting Light stream to the middle of the circle through the palms of the hands.

During the meditation I see, by means of my third eye, all kind of colors and sometimes intelligences (guides), who are with the ones present. The light beings of the white Brotherhood are present during, and sometimes before the meditation as well."

While meditating, a big circle-shaped ring of Light with a diameter of about ten meters appears around the ones present. From this circle, Light rises which slowly forms a dome. This dome will then connect itself to the pillar of Light that we have visualized during the meditation. In the dome, I will then see, in a bigger circle behind the ones present, different guides and masters standing. The colors of the dome have, in the course of time, changed. In the beginning, it was, in general, white, now it is ever more often lilac, blue, purple, silver and gold, which means, in my opinion, that the attuning to the masters becomes ever more nuanced. Lately, during the attuning in the meditation, there is also "music" or "singing". From a loge, many spiritual beings look from above to what is happening "there below" as well.

During the trance I am totally "gone" and do not know what is happening during the session. Before I go into trance I feel a prickling in the neck and shoulder area and I get a numb, heavy feeling, a sort of acute sleep compulsion.

When I awake from the trance, you can compare that to waking from a sleep. Sometimes it takes a while to realize where I am. And so where am I when I am in trance? Well, for me it is like a dream, sometimes in a luminous world of lilac and purple colors, where I encounter light beings that give me all kinds of information. Whole dictates! Sorts of lectures, which I can't possibly repeat. But it is certainly fascinating and more than interesting. Sometimes, during lectures I am giving, pieces of spiritual dictates spontaneously reappear. Yet, I do suspect that the dictates are stored somewhere in my higher consciousness ...

When the masters make themselves known, they welcome the session group and often give an introduction. After that, we, those in the session group, are offered the opportunity to ask questions. The trance medium never knows beforehand which questions are asked. Even more so, he does not even know the questions. That is quite different with the masters. They do know them and know the intention of the questions. The most beautiful answers then follow. A touching experience. Different masters speak to us, dependent upon the subject of the question. Predictions are also made, predictions that have come true, not because of sensationalism, but to show the group that they are connected to pure energy.

The question often asked to us is whether the trance medium can influence the answers. In other words: can the information transmitted by the masters become clouded by the personality of the trance medium and can the knowledge he has, via writings and convictions, influence the answers that he receives during trance? The answer is an unequivocal "no" and to support this thesis, we have asked the masters this question.

From the session of January 14, 2002

Does the personality of the medium influence the information given?

"Just the vocabulary, the personal words and knowledge of words influence the information. Yet, the personal, rational, teachable, information doesn't influence the information we are giving. In the dimension we reside, there is no speech: there are no words. We communicate via some kind of telepathic transfer, via certain frequencies of sensations one could say. To give words to these frequencies, we connect ourselves to the speech center of the medium, through which we can speak, find words that the medium knows and, by those means, we shape sentences, give word to frequencies, and give word to telepathy and to sensations.

Someone who is not a medium and who channels does this in a more conscious way, opens one self and translates sensations oneself. In the case of this medium, sensations are directly chosen and shaped via the speech center. As the contact with the medium increases, so does the possibility to find and combine words. We know the words that the medium knows well and have connected ourselves – a multitude of ten intelligences –to the medium. Many of us know the medium very well via his vocabulary, his information and therefore can phrase the different words that we use with the different information we will be giving. You should be able to recognize us by the words we are using. The information that the medium possesses is only relevant concerning the vocabulary, how certain questions are answered. However, the information the medium possesses via writings or convictions doesn't influence the information we are giving."

The sessions are recorded on tape/disc and worked out on paper later. The session reports are published in our monthly periodical Par Lanto. Even though the Masters only want to reveal themselves as a collective and do not want to announce the names of the Masters, from one session we know that at least Master Lanto is part of the collective. That is why we named our monthly periodical Par Lanto (by Lanto).

The collective of masters has confirmed that the Master Lanto really is present at the trance sessions. What was the case? Just before the start of a trance the medium mentioned seeing an entity with a Chinese appearance. We wondered whether that was maybe Master Lanto. In the following session we asked.

From the session of January 14, 2002

During the last session our medium saw an entity with a Chinese appearance. Was that maybe Master Lanto?

"The Master will connect to the energy of your group regularly, connect to your intention. It is good to know that your group, the connection to the energies of your group, is so strong, so positive, that the work of your group reaps so many fruits and so many people can connect and quench themselves with the energy and the information we are giving. The Master Lanto has connected to the force fields to propel towards many, many people who in important positions will pass on the energies and information. This is possible through your harmony, commitment and the power that connects you and the trust you give to the Cosmos."

The Esoteric Society is connected energetically to the White Brotherhood via the second ray (or stream) of love and wisdom. There are seven rays; the second is characterized by its light blue color. One can conclude from the received information that, in particular, the groups of the second ray have the mission to bring inner consciousness to humanity, so that the collective consciousness can grow in the Aquarius Age.

The information that has been passed on throughout the years through trance sessions, has eventually led to compiling two books. More books will follow. For the how and why of the books, we like to refer you to "a cosmic mission" also on this site. In reading the books it is important to know how we have chosen the lay out. Each chapter starts out with a short introduction in which we will describe the main points and cosmic laws of that chapter. Next are the questions and answers. We have decided to reproduce the answers of the masters, where possible chronologically and almost totally literally. The text has, with the exception of a single punctuation, not been changed, to avoid the loss of esoteric truth by unwanted interpretation of the writer. You will notice that, in time, the answers will become more elaborate. We have chosen to publicize all the answers concerning certain subjects, so you too will be able to notice progression in the answers. Several answers might seemingly appear the same, however, little nuances and additions can shed another light on the issue.

Since the text has practically been reproduced literally, you will encounter passages that are not entirely grammatically correct and you will notice that there are many subordinate clauses and additions. That may initially make the reading of the answers difficult. As you will read deeper in the text, those little barriers will disappear and you will, with us, be grateful for so much beautiful information for the new age.

The text has many layers. The White Brotherhood has always said that everyone reads and takes to oneself at their level. That means that, the introductions for each chapter are our interpretations, at this moment, given from our frequency. Quite possibly, you will pull out other information from the answers.

Objectives The Esoteric Society has formulated 4 objectives:

• Formation of a universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, religion, color of skin, social class or gender.

• Encouragement of the comparative study of religions and philosophies.

• The research of the inexplicable laws of nature and of the latent spiritual powers of man.

• The unification of all spiritual/ esoteric movements of the world


The path of total consciousness is rendered in the logo of the Esoteric Society: two snakes bite each other in the tail and, in that way, shape a circle. This represents duality which eventually, through incarnation and reincarnation, will come into harmony and because of that, shape the "zero", the divine symbol, the Alfa and Omega.

The white and black snake also symbolizes the yin and yang, the male and female aspect. Both snakes have nine triangle shaped scales, because nine is the number of earthly and spiritual completion: nine is the threefold of three, and the result of each calculation with the number nine can numerological be reduced to nine: for example: 5 x 9 = 45, that means 4 + 5 = 9.

The inner circle has four sectors. This symbolizes the Earth "Gaea" (four is the number of the earth). The four quarters represent the four wind directions on earth as well as the four elements. The center represents the fifth element, the ethereal sphere whereby everything is transformed. The triangle shaped scales of the snakes emanate, so to say, as a cosmic sun to the earth and vice versa: symbolic for the interaction between Cosmos and earth.

A scale with the text THE SECOND RAY OF LOVE AND WISDOM carries the whole figure. This indicates that love and wisdom in the world are the scale that gives life.

The Great Invocation

From the point of light
there were the All Source resides
let Light descend on earth
and let it stream forth into the spirit of mankind

From the point of Love
within the heart of the Divine
let love stream forth into the hearts of mankind
May the Aquarius principle of love and wisdom
awaken in mankind

From the center
where the energy of the All Source is known
let it stream as divine will in the consciousness of men
It is the will, which the masters know and serve

From the center which we call the race of men
let the Plan of love and wisdom work out
May it seal the door behind which evil dwells

Let Light, love wisdom and the power for good
restore the Plan on earth